Afghanistan consulate confirms gold smuggling incident involving Zakia Wardak

Afghanistan’s embassy in New Delhi. File photo.

NEW DELHI — Afghanistan’s embassy in India confirmed in a statement that the Indian Customs authorities had intercepted Zakia Wardak, the Afghan consul general at Mumbai airport, smuggling 25 kilograms of gold.

The embassy stated, “Wardak had no connections with the former government; she was operating under the administration of the Taliban.”

According to a report by The Times of India, Wardak, Afghanistan’s consul General in India, allegedly attempted to smuggle the gold from Dubai to India.

The report noted that Wardak entered the country using a diplomatic passport issued by the previous government in Afghanistan.

However, Wardak previously told Indian media, “I am surprised and concerned about the accusations and need to investigate this matter further. You are aware of the personal challenges I have recently faced while working to support the consulate and embassy. Currently, I am away from Mumbai and under medical treatment.”

The Times of India reported that Zakia Wardak and her son flew from Dubai to Mumbai on an Emirates flight at around 5:45 p.m.

The report added that the two were using the green channel, indicating they were not carrying goods that needed to be declared at customs and that they were stopped by the country’s customs officials while moving towards the airport exit.

It is reported that after Wardak was taken to a separate room for a physical inspection by a female officer at the airport, the 25 kilograms of gold were discovered hidden in her jacket, socks, knee pads, and waist belt.

Following the media reports in India, Zakia Wardak announced in a statement that she had resigned from her position due to “personal attacks and defamation” against her and her family.