South Asia

India: Water shortage hits West Bengal village amid heatwave

NORTH 24 PARGANAS, India — Villagers in India’s West Bengal state are grappling with a severe water shortage as an intense heatwave continues to affect the region, drying up most water sources.

In the North 24 Parganas district, where temperatures have soared, many wells that typically provide water to the villagers have dried up.

Suchitra Haldal, a 57-year-old resident, reported that except for one remaining pump, which some residents must walk several kilometers to reach, all other water sources are nonfunctional.

“The primary water source for us, a large pond, is drying up and is only ankle deep now,” Haldal said.

With much of India experiencing high temperatures, the weather department predicts an unusually high number of heatwave days from April to June.

The Gangetic Bengal plains, which include North 24 Parganas, are among the regions most severely impacted.