Taliban reiterates its opposition to UN special envoy appointment


Taliban has renewed its objection to the United Nations’ plans to appoint a special envoy for Afghanistan. A UN spokesperson on Monday disclosed that the organization is moving forward with the appointment despite the opposition.

Hamdullah Fitrat, deputy spokesperson for the Taliban, made a statement countering the remarks by the UN Secretary-General’s spokesperson, highlighting the redundancy of appointing a special representative given the existing UN presence.

“The United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) already plays a significant role in the country, rendering the appointment of another special envoy unnecessary,” Fitrat argued.

Quoted by Taliban-run national broadcaster, RTA, Fitrat said, “With Afghanistan now enjoying peace and stability and the days of war and conflict behind us, the additional appointment alongside UNAMA is unwarranted.”

UN spokesman Stéphane Dujarric said Monday that the process of naming a special representative for Afghanistan is underway.

The proposal to designate a special envoy has been under UN consideration for several months, constantly facing resistance from the Taliban.

Taliban has criticized the Security Council’s resolution that advocated for the special representative’s appointment, claiming it was adopted without their consultation, marking a significant point of contention in the international community’s ongoing engagement with Afghanistan.