Helmand River water released toward Iran, media reports say

Following recent heavy rains in Afghanistan, water from the Helmand River has been released toward Iran, according to the Iranian news agency Tasnim.

However, Mohammad Riza Alimuradi, a senior Iranian environmental official, noted that this release is not in accordance with the water treaty pact between the two nations but is aimed at directing water toward Iran rather than allowing it to flow into a desert.

A video shared on social media on Tuesday night showed Helmand River water reaching the border’s zero point between Afghanistan and Iran. “The water which has been released is due to the rainfall of the past several days,” Alimuradi told Tasnim.

He further anticipated that the water flow toward Iran would continue for several days. This development comes amidst a bitter verbal dispute between the Taliban and Iran over the Helmand water, with Iran accusing the Taliban of violating the 1973 water treaty.