Taliban to establish fund to ‘support journalists’

Taliban said in a statement on Wednesday a fund will be established to “support journalists”.

The decision was made in a meeting between the Taliban’s information and culture minister and members of the Taliban’s committee for the evaluation of media violations.

The meeting’s participants also agreed to appoint a delegation to organize the fund’s activities.

The fund’s board will include representatives from the Academy of Sciences, the journalism faculty of Kabul University, the Taliban’s commission of access to information, private media, the Taliban’s information and culture ministry, and media support organizations.

This comes as the Taliban has enacted several restrictions on the media, particularly affecting women’s participation.

Last month, the Taliban banned females from contacting radio stations or television channels in Khost province, southeastern Afghanistan. Media heads were warned against broadcasting female voices in their programs, as reported by a media watchdog group.

Additionally, a week ago, the Taliban threatened to ban female media workers in Kabul unless they comply with a “modest dress code,” which includes face veils, according to an independent media body in Afghanistan.