New women’s rights movement emerges ahead of UN meeting in Doha

In anticipation of a United Nations meeting, a new movement advocating for women’s rights, named “Afghanistan’s Progressive Forces Movement,” was formed by several women protesters on the eve of the event in Doha.

The group aims to protect women’s rights in Afghanistan, in response to the Taliban’s increasing efforts to restrict these rights. A statement released by the movement labeled the Taliban’s treatment of Afghan citizens, especially women, as unprecedentedly oppressive.

The movement’s members have called on regional and international entities to avoid any form of engagement or recognition of the Taliban.

The UN meeting, scheduled for Feb. 18-19 in Doha, will bring together special envoys from various countries to deliberate on Afghanistan’s situation. Stephane Dujarric, a spokesman for the UN Secretary-General, previously announced that the envoys would also engage with female representatives from Afghanistan.