Taliban ‘seize’ hundreds of homes in Panjshir, report says

The Panjshir Worldwide Council reported Wednesday that the Taliban seized 285 homes in Afghanistan’s Panjshir province, turning them into military bases or residences for Taliban leaders’ families.

According to the council, field research indicates the Taliban have about 21,000 forces in Panjshir. The report, titled “Committing Crimes of Usurping the Properties of the People of Panjshir,” details the seizure of 285 homes, 13 mosques, and 12 schools.

The council, in an online meeting, stated that the Taliban are harassing locals and forcing many to migrate.

The report breaks down the seizures by district: 11 homes in Paryan, 26 in Khanj, 34 in Dara, 9 in Khinj, 75 in Bazarak, 37 in Rokha, 58 in Annaba, and 31 in Shotol. Additionally, four high schools and four mosques in Paryan, two schools in Khanj, one school in Dara, two schools and four mosques in Khinj, five schools and three mosques in Bazarak, two schools and two mosques in Rokha, one school and one mosque in Annaba, and three schools in Shotol were reportedly converted into Taliban camps.

The 18-page report notes these figures may be incomplete, as researchers couldn’t access remote areas for security reasons.

It also states that the Taliban have occupied drinking water sources in several areas and have not responded to the report.

Amu TV reported the Taliban forced 107 families in Panjshir’s Dara and Peryan districts to migrate.