Portugal donates €200,000 to Afghanistan humanitarian fund

The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) announced that Portugal has, for the first time, contributed €200,000 (approximately $215,750) to the Afghanistan Humanitarian Fund.

OCHA disclosed the contribution on Monday, Feb. 12, through its social media platform X, marking Portugal’s inaugural humanitarian aid to Afghanistan. The donation was made directly to OCHA.

While OCHA did not detail how the funds would be used, it previously noted that challenges like internal displacement, the return of migrants, climate change, and budget constraints are amplifying the Afghan population’s need for humanitarian assistance.

The World Food Programme recently highlighted the plight of over 10 million people in Afghanistan, many of whom face stark choices between feeding their children and keeping them warm. Humanitarian groups, including the World Food Programme, have consistently warned of Afghanistan’s worsening economic situation.

Afghan refugees returning from neighboring countries often struggle with finding shelter, accessing food, obtaining energy for heating during severe winters, and securing vital medicines.