Germany donates $5.4 million to Afghanistan humanitarian fund

Women waiting in a queue for aid in Jawzjan, Afghanistan. File photo.

The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) confirmed Germany’s contribution of $5.4 million (€5 million) to the Afghanistan Humanitarian Fund.

The announcement, made Monday, highlighted the substantial aid aimed at supporting humanitarian efforts in Afghanistan.

OCHA, in a social media post, thanked Germany for its significant donation but did not specify how the funds will be allocated. This contribution aligns with Germany’s ongoing support for life-saving and livelihood assistance in the region, as previously reported by OCHA.

Humanitarian agencies operating in Afghanistan have repeatedly highlighted the critical shortage of funds necessary to meet the growing needs of the country. OCHA’s latest data reveals a decline in humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan, with an urgent call for aid for five million people in the central provinces, including the capital, Kabul.