Taliban announces delay in Kabul ‘regional’ meeting

KABUL, Afghanistan – A meeting organized by the Taliban, known as the “Afghanistan Regional Initiative,” was postponed for several hours in Kabul on Monday.

The Taliban’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced the meeting is now scheduled for 4:30 p.m. local time.

Zia Ahmad Takal, a spokesman for the ministry, initially told Amu TV the meeting would occur at 2 p.m. He attributed the delay to poor weather conditions.

The gathering is expected to include representatives from Russia, China, Pakistan, and Iran.

According to the Taliban’s foreign ministry, the meeting will focus on cooperation among regional special envoys.

The delay coincides with a United Nations-led conference on Afghanistan in Doha, set for Feb. 18-19, which is anticipated to draw special envoys from various nations, including those from the Group of Seven.