Charter plane reportedly crashes in Afghanistan’s Badakhshan Province

KABUL, Afghanistan — A charter plane crashed Sunday in the Zibak district of Badakhshan province in northeastern Afghanistan, head of the Taliban’s information and culture department confirmed.

The Taliban’s police command in Badakhshan reported that the plane, which disappeared from radar on Saturday night, crashed in the high mountains of the Topkhana area. This area spans the Zibak and Keran o Munjan districts of the province.

But India’s Civil Aviation Ministry said in a post on X that the plane that has crashed in Afghanistan “is neither an Indian Scheduled Aircraft nor a non-scheduled/Charter aircraft; it is a Moroccan registered small aircraft”.

Russia reports two nationals aboard plane reportedly crashed in Afghanistan

Two Russians were aboard the small charter plane that was reportedly off radar and crashed in northeastern Afghanistan, TASS news agency reported, citing Russian officials.

The Russian Ministry stated that the aircraft was en route from India to Tashkent.

In a statement, the Taliban-run Ministry of Transportation indicated that the plane, carrying six passengers, crashed in the area between the Keran wa Munjan and Zibak districts of Badakhshan.

The incident occurred on the evening of Saturday, Jan. 20, as per the ministry’s report.