Concerns rise over Iran-Pakistan tensions and impact on Afghanistan

Amid escalating Iran-Pakistan tensions, concerns are mounting about the potential effects on Afghanistan.

Umer Daudzai, Afghanistan’s former interior minister, said an escalation could lead to the closure of Afghanistan’s borders with Central Asia.

Talking to Amu Daudzai expressed concern that the presence of terrorist groups in Afghanistan could widen the scope of conflicts within the country.

The recent missile attacks between Iran and Pakistan have heightened tensions, with both nations targeting terrorist groups across their borders. Iran has targeted the Jaish al-Adl group in Pakistan, while Pakistan has aimed at separatists in Iran’s Sistan Baluchistan.

“Afghanistan will suffer, whether willingly or unwillingly, in this exceptional situation,” Daudzai noted. “If tensions between Iran and Pakistan increase, they may close their borders with Afghanistan, and Central Asia might follow suit.”

There is growing apprehension that the conflict between Pakistan and Iran could spill over into Afghanistan, with terrorist groups potentially targeting the country under Taliban rule.

Despite the tensions, Tehran and Islamabad continue to maintain relations with the Taliban.

The conflict has shown no signs of abating in recent days. Pakistan’s Cabinet is set to hold an emergency National Security Committee meeting, while Iran’s Foreign Ministry condemned Pakistan’s border attacks as unbalanced and unacceptable.

Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf, Speaker of the Islamic Council of Iran, issued a warning, stating, “If they cause the slightest damage to our country, we just need to change the angle so that they see the power.”

The tensions could also affect the upcoming “Kabul meeting” in Tehran, involving the “Regional Contact Group,” and the “Moscow Format” meetings. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov expressed hope that the tensions would not disrupt these discussions.

Both Iran and Pakistan have reported civilian casualties, including women and children, following the missile exchanges.

Pakistani media reported disruptions in flights, particularly those of state-owned airline PI, through Iran’s airspace.

However, Turkey’s Foreign Minister stated that Iran and Pakistan are not seeking an escalation of tension.