Investor pledges $10 billion for energy, rail projects in Afghanistan

KABUL, Afghanistan — Afghan investor Mirwais Azizi has committed to investing $10 billion in Afghanistan’s energy and railway sectors soon.

Azizi, visiting Herat province in western Afghanistan, marked the completion of a 300-plus home township for earthquake victims in Herat.

Speaking in Herat on Friday, Azizi emphasized the significant investment opportunity in Afghanistan and the potential to create thousands of jobs through large-scale projects.

“This investment, unprecedented in Afghanistan’s history, will be a major milestone, offering vast employment prospects,” said Azizi, who leads the Azizi Foundation.

The newly built township in Siah Ab village, funded by his foundation, comprises nearly 300 houses, costing 200 million Afghanis ($2.8 million).

Azizi also plans to establish a large garden and park in the area, planting 15,000 to 20,000 fruit trees to provide sustainable income for residents.

The October 7, 2023, earthquake in Herat displaced tens of thousands and destroyed numerous homes. Azizi’s investment comes as Afghanistan faces escalating unemployment and economic challenges.