One in three Afghans face uncertainty over next meal, WFP says

A group of women outside a bakery to get aid. File photo.

The World Food Programme (WFP) has issued a dire warning that approximately one in three Afghans are uncertain about the source of their next meal, as the country faces a daunting winter season.

This alarming level of food insecurity is affecting every province, placing them in a state of crisis or worse, the organization said on Thursday.

Historically, substantial and sustained donations have been pivotal in supporting millions of Afghans through two challenging winter periods, preventing over 5 million people from facing famine.

However, this year has been marked by significant funding deficits. Consequently, the WFP’s capacity to aid those in need has been drastically reduced. \

Currently, only the most vulnerable families are receiving aid, with rations minimized to the bare essentials, WFP said.

To combat this escalating crisis, the WFP has called for $670 million in funding, saying that this amount is crucial to provide lifesaving food, nutrition, and livelihood support to approximately 15.2 million individuals, including men, women, and children.

WFP said that the situation underscores the ongoing humanitarian needs in Afghanistan and the urgency of international support to avert a worsening crisis.