Daesh claims responsibility for Kabul minibus blast that killing at least two people

Daesh has claimed responsibility for a minibus explosion in Kabul’s western neighborhood of Dasht-e-Barchi late Saturday, resulting in at least two deaths.

Taliban police spokesperson Khalid Zadran reported that the blast wounded 14 others. This marks the first attack in Afghanistan in 2024.

Daesh stated that its operatives had detonated an explosive device on a bus carrying Shiite Muslims, according to a statement released shortly after the incident.

Dasht-e-Barchi has been a frequent target for Daesh’s Afghanistan affiliate, known for launching attacks on schools, hospitals, mosques, and other Shiite areas nationwide.

In a similar incident in November, Daesh claimed an explosion on a minibus in the same area, resulting in seven deaths and 20 injuries.

Additionally, on Oct. 26, an explosion at a sports club in Dashti Barchi killed four and wounded seven. Daesh also took responsibility for this attack.

Taliban Defense Minister Mohammad Yaqoob Mujahid announced on Dec. 31 that there had been a 90% decrease in attacks by the ISIS affiliate in the past year.

Since the Taliban’s August 2021 takeover of Afghanistan, the Daesh affiliate has emerged as a significant rival, targeting Kabul and northern provinces, often attacking Shiites, whom the group views as apostates.