UN Secretary-General to convene meeting on special envoy for Afghanistan

The United Nations Secretary-General is planning a meeting to discuss the implementation of United Nations Security Council Resolution 2771, including the appointment of a special envoy for Afghanistan, following the resolution’s adoption on Dec. 29, 2023.

While the meeting date is not yet set, women’s rights activists and Afghan citizens have emphasized the importance of human rights issues, particularly women’s and girls’ rights, in the envoy’s agenda.

UNSC Resolution 2721, approved last Friday, outlines international engagement with Afghanistan. A key topic for the upcoming meeting is the appointment of a special envoy, a crucial step in ongoing global efforts to address the Afghan crisis.

Isaa Ishaqzai, head of the Afghan National Congress, stressed the need for dialogue and negotiations in line with international laws and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, aiming for an inclusive, Afghan-focused solution.

Zarmina, a Kabul resident, called for an inclusive government and equal rights for men and women, highlighting the need to address poverty and joblessness.

Mir Aqa, another Kabul resident, echoed the desire for nationwide peace and gender equality.

The resolution mandates that the special envoy, whose appointment is pending, be consulted with internal and external Afghan stakeholders, including women, civil society, and the Taliban. The envoy is expected to have expertise in human rights and gender issues.

Women’s groups, represented by Tahira Naseri, head of the women’s movement towards freedom, anticipate a focus on the situation of Afghan women and girls.

The identity of the UN Special Envoy for Afghanistan remains undisclosed, but their primary mission will be to implement the proposals of the UN Special Coordinator Fereydon Sinirlioglu, presented to the Council in October 2023, and to promote dialogue and interaction between Afghanistan and the global community.