Gazans face severe shortages amid conflict

Palestinians displaced by ongoing Israeli bombardment since Oct. 7 are struggling to meet basic needs, with food and shelter in short supply.

Many have been forced to relocate multiple times, moving from Gaza City to central parts of the Gaza Strip. Among them is Um Hamdi, who describes the ordeal as a “global exodus.”

“We spent nights without shelter, in the rain and cold, with children and the elderly, lacking basic necessities like blankets or mattresses,” Hamdi said.

On Thursday, tens of thousands fleeing from densely populated areas like Nuseirat, Bureij, and Maghazi were heading towards the already crowded city of Deir al-Balah along the Mediterranean coast, seeking refuge in makeshift camps.

According to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), over 150,000 people, including young children, women with infants, individuals with disabilities, and the elderly, are displaced with limited options for shelter.

The conflict, which began on Oct. 7 following a cross-border raid by Hamas fighters into Israeli towns, has led to significant casualties and displacement. Israeli forces initiated the military action in response, targeting Hamas, the militant Islamist group controlling Gaza.

As of now, 21,320 Palestinians have reportedly been killed, representing nearly 1% of Gaza’s population.