Russia raises alarm over deportation impact, security threats in northern Afghanistan

Russian Ambassador to Tajikistan, Semyon Grigoryev, voiced concerns over the return and deportation of immigrants from Pakistan to northern Afghanistan, citing it as a destabilizing factor in the region. According to TASS, Grigoryev remarked that the Taliban has not upheld its commitment to prevent Afghanistan’s use as a base against other countries.

“The Taliban’s promises regarding border security remain unfulfilled,” Grigoryev said. “Extremist groups have tried infiltrating Tajikistan from Afghanistan over the past year, but these attempts were thwarted by Tajik security forces.”

Grigoryev highlighted Afghanistan’s deteriorating socio-economic situation and impending humanitarian crisis, exacerbated by the West’s refusal to unfreeze Afghan assets. He stressed the importance of Russia and Tajikistan’s attention to Afghan issues, noting a rise in synthetic drug smuggling from Afghanistan and reduced Western funding for counter-narcotic efforts.

“The influx of Afghan refugees from Pakistan into northern provinces is altering the local ethnic composition and heightening conflict risks, with potential terrorists among the migrants,” he added.

Military experts, including former commando corps commander Farid Ahmadi, commented on the Taliban’s policies increasing terror threats. Ahmadi noted the Taliban’s strained relations with neighboring countries and links to terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda and ISIS, posing regional threats.

Mohammad Radmanesh, a military affairs expert, pointed out the role of regional intelligence strategies in the rise of terrorist groups, including ISIS, and their impact on Pakistan, Afghanistan, and the region.

The Taliban have repeatedly stated that Afghanistan’s soil will not be used against any country, but have not responded directly to Grigoryev’s comments.

Concerns about the presence of terrorist groups in Afghanistan were also raised by Imam Ali Rahman at a Central Asian leaders’ meeting in Dushanbe on September 15.