Abdul Rahim Mohammadi, Kabul journalist, held in Taliban custody for a week

Abdul Rahim Mohammadi, a journalist associated with Tamadun TV in Kabul, has been detained by the Taliban for a week, as reported by the media rights organization, Media Bazaar.

According to Media Bazaar, Mohammadi was apprehended by Taliban intelligence in Kabul on Monday, December 4.

The Taliban has not provided any official statement regarding the reasons for the journalist’s arrest.

In a parallel incident, Zamir Zaheer, another local journalist, was reportedly arrested by the Taliban intelligence department in Jabal al-Sraj district of Parwan on Tuesday, December 5.

The Afghanistan Journalists Center has expressed deep concern over the escalating incidents of violence and violations of media freedom, specifically the threats and ongoing arrests of journalists in the country. The organization has warned about the potential consequences of this troubling trend.

The center reported that from May 2022 to May 2023, there were at least 213 recorded incidents of violence, threats, and journalist arrests in the country. This marks a significant increase compared to the approximately 130 incidents documented in the preceding one-year period from May 2021 to May 2022, indicating a rise of about 64%.