Over 13,000 Afghan nationals sent back from Iran in a week: Report

Islam Qala border town, Herat. File photo.

Iranian officials have reported the deportation of 13,204 undocumented Afghan migrants to Afghanistan in the last week, with daily returns ranging from 1,500 to 2,000 individuals, according to figures released.

Majid Shoja, the commander of Khorasan Razavi province’s border police, stated on Saturday that the repatriation was carried out as part of the country’s policy to address the issue of illegal nationals. The individuals were identified and returned via the Dogharon and Taybad borders, then handed over to the Afghan representative.

Shoja emphasized that Afghan nationals entering the country without meeting legal entry requirements will be arrested and expelled. He urged Afghan refugees to use official and legal borders for entry.

According to Iran’s Interior Minister Ahmad Vahidi, unauthorized foreigners have no permission to stay in the country and receive services.

The National Migration Organization of Iran reported that from July 23 to November 19, at least 450,000 undocumented foreign nationals were sent back to their respective countries. However, the specific number of Afghan nationals among them remains unclear.

On October 7, approximately 328,000 Afghan migrants who had illegally entered Iran during the first half of the Iranian calendar year were sent back through the borders of northeastern Khorasan Razavi province.

Shoja revealed that 488,000 Afghans officially and legally entered Iran within the same period.

Meanwhile, the deportations of Afghan migrants from Pakistan have exceeded 420,000 since late October, with nearly 2,000 individuals being deported daily.