Biden affirms US forces’ readiness to tackle possible threats from Afghanistan

US President Joe Biden in a letter to the Congress on Thursday affirmed that American military personnel will continue to maintain a presence outside Afghanistan, strategically positioned to effectively address possible threats from the region.

This letter serves as a pivotal element of President Biden’s ongoing commitment to keeping Congress informed about the deployment of combat-ready United States Armed Forces.

“United States military personnel remain postured outside Afghanistan to address threats to the United States homeland and United States interests that may arise from inside Afghanistan,” wrote Biden.

He noted that ongoing operations, conducted in collaboration with numerous international partners, have proven highly effective in significantly reducing ISIS capabilities in Syria and Iraq.

The recent US State Department annual terrorism report confirms the sustained activity of al-Qaeda elements, Daesh, and regionally focused terrorist groups in Afghanistan.

In his letter, President Biden also referenced the deployment of the American military in the Arabian Peninsula, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, South Africa, Cuba, and the Philippines.

Despite more than two years passing since the withdrawal of American forces, concerns about terrorist activities in Afghanistan persist. Several countries, particularly in the Middle East, have consistently warned about the potential expansion of terrorist groups from Afghanistan.

The US Department of State, in its annual report from 2022 published this month, expressed that Afghanistan’s neighbors are deeply concerned about potential terrorist threats emanating from the region.

“While the Taliban committed to preventing terrorist groups from using Afghanistan to conduct attacks against the United States and its allies, its ability to prevent al-Qaeda elements, Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan, and ISIS-K from mounting external operations remained unclear,” the report stated.

The department also added that despite Taliban commitments not to allow Afghanistan’s soil to be used against other countries, they continue to provide shelter to terrorist groups.