Taliban greenlights $57 million budget for 18 projects

The Taliban’s National Procurement Commission has approved 18 projects valued at approximately 4 billion Afghanis ($57 million), as per a statement released by the Taliban.

The decision was made during a meeting chaired by Abdul Ghani Baradar, the deputy chief minister of the Taliban.

Among the approved projects is the completion of the Chak-e-Wardak Dam in Maidan Wardak province. Originally built by Germans in 1938, the dam near the Chak district in Maidan Wardak Province is the oldest major dam in the country. It plays a crucial role in regulating the flow of the Logar River, providing irrigation water in the Chak Valley.

Other projects endorsed include the extension of the 220 KV power line from Arghandi to Ghazni, the installation of insulators for the 220 KV Noorul Jihad line in Herat and Torghandi, reconstruction of the Shahr-e-Safa to Manja road, completion of the second lane of the Kabul-Logar road, and the provision of high-quality, fast internet services to citizens. Successful completion of these initiatives is expected to create job opportunities for thousands of citizens.

Despite the Taliban’s claim that these projects will generate employment for thousands, UN figures reveal that over 34 million people in Afghanistan are living below the poverty line amid economic challenges in the country over the last two years, as highlighted in the Taliban statement.