Vienna hosts third meeting of Afghanistan’s politicians

A group of political figures and activists from Afghanistan convened in Vienna for the third round of discussions on the nation’s future.

Led by Ahmad Massoud, the resistance front’s leader, the meeting, hosted by the Austrian Institute for International Affairs, brings together movements and individuals opposed to the Taliban.

In a statement, the resistance front highlighted the agenda, focusing on exchanging views on security matters, human rights, and women’s issues.

Participants aim to foster consensus among the country’s political groups and parties, engage in discussions and consultations with regional and extra-regional stakeholders, and develop a roadmap for Afghanistan’s political future, the statement said.

Maisam Nazari, spokesperson for the resistance front, emphasized the broad participation of political parties, personalities, and civil society organizations with a focus on ethnic and religious diversity.

He said the goal is to facilitate serious discussions, strengthen a united opposition, and chart a practical course toward a democratic future for Afghanistan.

Nazari underscored the significance of the Vienna process as a central point for political opposition groups, urging support from those advocating for a democratic, just, and inclusive system for Afghanistan.

The three-day summit promises to be a pivotal moment, with results set to be announced on the final day, he said.

The Vienna meeting occurs against the backdrop of two previous gatherings in Moscow and Dushanbe within the past month, underlining the international community’s commitment to addressing Afghanistan’s complex challenges.