Kabul hosts agricultural products expo

Kabul on Wednesday hosted the 29th annual Agricultural Products Expo, an event that has also welcomed women entrepreneurs, allowing them to showcase their artisanal food products.

The exhibition featured an impressive array of 263 booths, with 56 of them being owned by women.

During the inauguration of this four-day exhibition, Abdul Ghani Baradar, the Deputy Chief Minister of the Taliban, emphasized the pressing need for modernizing the agricultural processes in Afghanistan. He cited the outdated systems as a significant factor contributing to lower agricultural yields.

Baradar also underscored the vital role that agriculture and livestock play in the lives of the majority of the Afghan population.

This year’s exhibition, held in the Badam Bagh area in northern Kabul, attracted a significant turnout of local investors and farmers, creating an environment for networking and business development.

It’s worth noting that this annual exhibition, which aims to promote agriculture and agricultural products, was a tradition continued by the previous government, offering a platform for farmers and investors from all across the nation.