Massoud backs Afghanistan charge d’affaires’ position at UNSC meeting


Ahmad Masoud, the leader of the “National Resistance Front of Afghanistan,” has expressed his support for Naseer Ahmad Faiq, Afghanistan’s charge d’affaires at the United Nations, following a quarrel with Pakistan’s envoy during a UN Security Council meeting.

Masoud asserted that the meeting had revealed “evil intentions and open aggression towards Afghanistan.”

In a social media post, he remarked, “The history of our country is replete with unnecessary interventions by countries both near and far. During the recent United Nations meeting, evil intentions and open aggression against our country were once again exposed.”

Masoud further stated that Naseer Ahmad Faiq has the backing of the entire Afghan populace and effectively “represents the people, the country’s interests, and Afghanistan.”

“In the face of such blatant interference and aggression, unity is the cornerstone of our victory,” he added.

Towards the conclusion of the UNSC meeting, Pakistan’s ambassador to the United Nations, Munir Akram, criticized Afghanistan’s charge d’affaires, Naseer Ahmad Faiq, asserting that Faiq “represented no one but himself.”

Upon Akram’s remarks, Faiq sought permission from the council’s chair to respond, stating that he was “representing Afghanistan at this council and speaking about the anguish and the misery” endured by the Afghan people due to the “interference of countries that adopt a double standard.”

Faiq pointed out that these countries “portray themselves as victims of terrorism” while simultaneously “lobbying for, normalizing, and supporting another terrorist group in Afghanistan.”