Taliban arrests 18 aid workers in Ghor

The International Assistance Mission (IAM) reported on Friday that 18 of its employees, including an international staff member, have been arrested by the Taliban in Ghor province and subsequently transferred to Kabul.

The arrests occurred in two separate incidents, with three individuals detained on September 3rd and the remaining 15 in recent days, the organization said in a statement.

While the organization says that the exact reason for the arrests remains unclear, the Taliban’s spokesman in Ghor indicated that the individuals were apprehended for their alleged involvement in “promoting Christianity.”

IAM stated its commitment to securing the release of its detained personnel and affirmed its determination to continue its operations in Afghanistan.

The organization has been involved in Afghanistan since 1966, investing over $40 million in improving healthcare, education, and community development across the country.

The situation continues to evolve, and IAM is closely monitoring developments while working toward the safe return of its employees.