Torkham crossing reopens after 10-day closure

The Torkham crossing. Sept. 15, 2022. File photo.

The Torkham border crossing between Afghanistan and Pakistan reopened to all types of traffic on Friday morning after a 10-day closure.

Taliban’s information and culture directorate in Nangarhar said in a statement that Torkham was reopened at around 7 a.m. Kabul time.

According to Pakistani media, citing immigration officials, pedestrian movement has resumed at the border, with hundreds of travelers converging to enter Afghanistan.

Assistant Commissioner Irshad Khan Mohmamd of Khyber district in Pakistan confirmed that the clearance of trucks is currently in progress, and Afghanistan citizens are entering Afghanistan after undergoing clearance procedures and immigration processes.

The Torkham border, which connects Pakistan and Afghanistan, was closed on September 4 after a confrontation between Taliban and Pakistani forces that led to the death of at least five people, including four civilians from Afghanistan.

The dispute was centered around the “illegal construction” of a bunker by the Taliban on the Pakistani side of the border. The Taliban, however, claimed that the bunker was being built within Afghanistan’s territory.

During the closure, crowds gathered in anticipation of crossing into Pakistan, even though the gates remained closed at that time. Traders on both sides expressed concerns about the loss of tons of perishable goods due to the border closure, while Afghan travelers missed important hospital appointments and flights out of Pakistan.