South Asia

Imran Khan’s jail custody extended by 14 days, says lawyer

Former Pakistani prime minister Imran Khan. File photo.

A Pakistani court has decided to extend the period of former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s custody in jail by 14 days, citing the need for further investigation into allegations of divulging state secrets. This announcement was made by Imran Khan’s lawyer.

Intezar Hussain Panjutha, the legal representative, stated that the special court conducted proceedings within Attock Jail, where Imran Khan commenced a three-year prison term on August 5 for charges of corruption. Khan was found guilty of the unlawful sale of state gifts.

“We have presented our request for an open trial in this case to the court, backed by the relevant legal statutes. The court has deferred this issue and will revisit it on September 2, along with the consideration of a bail application, at its designated venue in Islamabad, the Anti-Terrorism Court Islamabad at G-11 Judicial Complex,” affirmed Panjutha.

In a development from Tuesday (August 29), a court had temporarily suspended the aforementioned prison sentence, allowing the possibility of Imran Khan’s release on bail. However, the restriction on leaving the country remained in place due to his ongoing remand related to the official secrets case.

Since his departure from the premiership through a parliamentary confidence vote in April of the preceding year, multiple legal cases have been initiated against the 70-year-old former national cricket captain. Khan firmly denies any involvement in wrongdoing, asserting that the accusations against him are driven by political motives.