Criticism mounts against ban on women’s presence at Band-e-Amir

The recent ban on women visiting the Band-e-Amir National Park in Bamiyan province by the Taliban continues to face widespread criticism from various segments of society. A number of women have urged the Taliban to provide explanation for their decision.

Some women have also sought clarity on the legal basis for the prohibition of women and girls from accessing the recreational site.

Moreover, many women have shared their struggles in adapting to life under the constraints imposed by the Taliban. The restrictions have led to challenges in even the most basic aspects of life.

“We are weary of these unrelenting restrictions. What have we done wrong? Why are we subjected to this treatment solely because we are women?” questioned Shakila, a Bamiyan resident.

“Come immediately and ask Afghan women to cease breathing,” retorted Najia Raufi, a resident of Kabul, underscoring the severity of the situation.

The Taliban’s acting minister for vice and virtue on Saturday declared that women are prohibited from visiting Band-e-Amir. This announcement marks a significant shift as Band-e-Amir has long been a popular destination for both men and women, attracting thousands of visitors annually. However, it appears that the park will no longer welcome female visitors.