Putin, Erdogan anticipated to hold imminent meeting, says Kremlin

Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov announced on Friday that there exists “an understanding” regarding an upcoming meeting between the presidents of Russia and Turkey.

“We have a mutual understanding that this meeting (between Putin and Erdogan) will occur in the near future. Our customary practice involves coordinating announcements of such visits with our partner nations. We will soon reveal the exact time and location. Preparations for the meeting are already underway, and they are being meticulously arranged,” Peskov stated.

While Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan has extended an invitation for Russia’s President Vladimir Putin to visit Turkey this month, an exact date has not yet been confirmed. Peskov, speaking to reporters, also refrained from specifying the anticipated meeting venue.

Turkey is actively engaged in convincing Russia to recommit to a deal facilitated by Ankara last summer, enabling grain shipments from Ukrainian ports on the Black Sea. Moscow withdrew from the agreement last month, citing its inability to export its grain and fertilizer in line with the deal’s stipulations.