Sharp rise in anti-Taliban military offensives recorded this month

Resistance front members in Panjshir. File photo.

Anti-Taliban military factions, namely the Resistance Front and the Freedom Front, have intensified their operations this month, executing a total of 12 offensives in less than three weeks, according to information compiled by Amu from their official statements.

During this period, the Freedom Front initiated five attacks, often accompanied by video evidence. The group asserts that its actions have led to the death of at least 25 Taliban operatives, with 18 more sustaining injuries.

In tandem, the Resistance Front has reported seven attacks on Taliban targets over the past three weeks. These operations purportedly resulted in the death of 34 Taliban members, and 31 others were wounded.

Counteracting these claims, the Taliban has disclosed its own offensive on the positions of the Resistance Front in the Arghanjkhah and Shahada districts of Badakhshan, offering this as evidence of their sweeping engagement.

According to the Freedom Front’s communiqués, their strikes against Taliban targets have been observed in provinces including Parwan, Kabul, Baghlan, and Badakhshan.

“Over the past two years, I have witnessed sporadic movements by opponents of the current government across various regions of Afghanistan. While the last six months have been relatively calm, it does not guarantee sustained security within Afghanistan,” said Ishaq Atmar, a political affairs analyst.

The attacks attributed to the Resistance Front have unfolded in Kabul, Badakhshan, Nuristan, Takhar, Baghlan, and Badakhshan provinces.

The Taliban’s official social media channels have remained silent on these developments. However, a Taliban military corps’ Telegram channel in Badakhshan revealed that multiple anti-Taliban commanders were apprehended, with a number of their combatants either killed or injured in clashes in the province.

Speaking at a press briefing on Sunday, Taliban’s Army Chief Fasihuddin Fitrat indirectly acknowledged these attacks, emphasizing that “covert assaults” were not uncommon but asserting that their forces possessed the capability to respond promptly.

It is notable that the Taliban does not reference the Freedom Front and the Resistance Front in their statements, while frequently highlighting Daesh as a prevailing threat within Afghanistan.