Watchdog: Taliban disregards threats against prosecutors in Afghanistan

The US-based International Organization for Transitional Justice and Peace (ITJP) issued a statement on Monday in response to the Taliban’s stance on the safety of prosecutors in Afghanistan, asserting that the group has consistently disregarded threats made against them.

The ITJP claimed that the Taliban has falsely accused both the ITJP and the “Prosecutors for Prosecutors” (PFP) campaign of attempting to assist personnel in leaving Afghanistan and engaging in human trafficking.

The organization’s response came after a tweet by Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid, who stated that there were no threats against prosecutors and judges in Afghanistan.

However, the ITJP contested this claim, asserting that they possess credible reports and evidence documenting numerous cases of prosecutors being killed and assassinated by the Taliban, alongside instances of criminals being released from prison by the group.

According to the ITJP’s data, since the Taliban took power, over 26 prosecutors and individuals associated with the justice system have been killed or assassinated in Afghanistan.

“We operate with complete impartiality, independent of any political affiliations, and our sole purpose is to seek accountability and justice for victims of international crimes and human rights violations,” the organization stated.

Furthermore, the organization categorically denied any involvement in human trafficking, countering the baseless insinuations made against them. Instead, the ITJP reaffirmed its commitment to supporting victims in their pursuit of safety, justice, and a peaceful future.

Moving forward, the ITJP asserted that it will continue to strive for “justice, peace, and human rights for all.”

The organization also called upon the Taliban to halt their ongoing crimes and human rights violations, urging them to respect the fundamental rights of the people of Afghanistan.