West and Amiri discuss ways for Central Asia to support women of Afghanistan

US special envoy for Afghanistan, Thomas West, and US special envoy for human rights in Afghanistan, Rina Amiri have met with Kazakhstan’s top envoys for Afghanistan to discuss ways to support Afghan women and girls.

US Special Envoy for Human Rights in Afghanistan, Rina Amiri said in a tweet that they held a “robust discussion” with ambassador-at-large-special representative on Afghanistan, Talgat Kaliyev, and Special Representative for International Cooperation, Erzhan Kazykhan on areas of cooperation in support for the Afghan people. 

“Explored ideas of how Central Asian countries can mobilize to support Afghan women and girls,” Amiri added.

She said that they also met with Kazakh women’s education and business leaders “who voiced solidarity with their Afghan sisters.”

“They committed to advancing, with their government, education, and entrepreneurial support for Afghan women,” Amiri tweeted.

West and Amiri visited Astana this week and convened a significant meeting with officials from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan for the C5PlusUS session on Afghanistan.

During the session, discussions centered around the “joint support of the Afghan people,” as stated in a tweet by West.

The US State Department has revealed that as part of their regional trip, the United States envoys will also be engaging with “technocrat professionals” from Afghanistan and holding a meeting with a Taliban delegation in Doha.

The meetings are part of ongoing diplomatic efforts to address the situation in Afghanistan and foster collaboration with regional stakeholders.