Woman in Kabul empowers 15 others through clothing brand

In a time when work restrictions against women are on the rise, a woman in Kabul is defying the odds by establishing a successful clothing brand that has provided employment for 15 other young women.

The clothing brand, founded by 24-year-old Farhanaz Fariborz, offers a platform for women to showcase and sell their handmade clothes, with aspirations to expand its reach to global markets through online sales.

All the employees at the clothing brand are girls who, due to various reasons, have been unable to pursue further education in schools and universities.

Farhanaz, who also has a background in journalism, invested 200,000 Afghani into the creation of this silk clothing brand, with a special focus on women’s wear.

“My goal in creating this job opportunity is to help girls who are left out of school, people who do not have a job, and to support those who have artistic talents,” Farhanaz explained.

The store currently employs 15 young women who have not had access to higher education.

Aaliya, one of the employees, expressed their ambitions, stating, “15 of the girls have been provided with work here, and we are striving to launch online sales.”

By embracing e-commerce, the clothing brand opens up possibilities for women to tap into global markets and showcase their skills.

Marwarid, another employee, emphasized the significance of their efforts, saying, “We are trying to demonstrate to families that women and girls can work and be successful.”

This initiative holds particular importance for women, who have encountered numerous challenges over the past two years. According to the International Labor Organization, there was a concerning 25% decrease in women’s workforce participation during the first four months of 2022.