Pakistan ‘losing patience’ with Taliban over TTP support

In a recent development, the Taliban’s acting defense minister, Mohammad Yaqoob Mujahid, has strongly denied any allegations of the Taliban providing support to Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP). However, Pakistan’s stance on the matter indicates that its patience is wearing thin.

In an exclusive interview with Al Arabiya, Mujahid emphasized that the Taliban categorically refrains from extending financial backing to the TTP. Furthermore, he asserted that the group is resolute in its commitment to prevent any organization from operating against other countries from Afghan soil.

“We have not supported the Pakistani Taliban, and we do not support them financially,” Mujahid clarified during his interview with Al Arabiya.

Contrary to the Taliban’s claims, Pakistan’s Express Tribune reported that during a conversation with Pakistan’s special representative for Afghanistan, Asif Ali Khan Durrani, the Taliban urged Islamabad to engage in talks and peace negotiations with the TTP, advocating for a non-military approach.

Official sources from Pakistan maintain that their patience concerning the TTP situation has reached its limit, alleging that the Taliban is offering refuge and protection to the militant group.

During a three-day visit to Kabul, Pakistan’s representative conveyed a clear and forceful message to the Taliban, emphasizing the urgent need for decisive action against the TTP. The talks also addressed Islamabad’s diminishing tolerance for the group.

Political analyst Burna Salehi expressed skepticism about resolving the issues with the TTP through negotiations, citing past experiences with the Taliban in Afghanistan.

“For Pakistan, resolving the TTP issue, both inside Afghanistan and in Pakistan, cannot be achieved through war and oppression, considering the experience we have with the Taliban in Afghanistan, and in terms of understanding and negotiation. They will not simply deal with the government of Pakistan,” Salehi said.

In recent weeks, Pakistan has faced attacks on its military personnel, attributing them to the TTP, leading to concerns about the group finding sanctuary in Afghanistan. On its part, the Taliban has distanced itself from any involvement in recent attacks in Pakistan, reiterating that the issue remains an internal matter for the country.