Kabul resident develops solar energy production device to combat rising costs of electricity, gas

In an effort to combat the high costs of electricity and gas, a resident of Kabul has successfully built a solar energy production device that requires no consumption of traditional energy sources.

Abbas Ataee, a 38-year-old entrepreneur, has been producing solar energy stoves alongside his ten-year-old son in a small workshop for nearly a year. The devices, which are made from glass blocks, are designed to cook food while minimizing electricity and gas usage.

Motivated by the exorbitant electricity prices in Afghanistan and the challenging economic conditions faced by many, Ataee decided to take the initiative and create these energy-efficient cooking devices. He started experimenting with building the devices in his home a year ago and has since expanded production to sell them.

Using materials such as iron, glass, skewers, and metals, Ataee constructs solar energy production devices. These bowls can boil water in less than 10 minutes, making them a practical solution for cooking meals.

As the sole breadwinner of a family of eight, Ataee works tirelessly for 12 hours a day. He expressed his aspirations for his children, stating, “My only wish is that my children become literate. I didn’t go to school or university myself. Illiteracy makes the world as bitter as hell for a person.”

Despite the challenges, Ataee’s small workshop has gained a steady stream of customers, some of whom travel from far distances to purchase the devices produced by him. To date, he has sold 100 units.

Sajjad, a resident of Kabul, shared his experience, saying, “I came here today and bought one of these devices.”

With growing demand, Ataee has expanded his sales market to reach provinces outside of Kabul. He aims to fulfill orders within two days of purchase.

The lack of reliable electricity remains a significant challenge for many people in Afghanistan, with 80% of the country’s electricity being imported. Over half of the population still lacks access to electricity, exacerbating the need for alternative energy solutions.

The solar energy production device developed by Ataee offers a promising solution to address the issue of rising energy costs and limited access to electricity, providing an efficient and sustainable option for cooking and other energy needs.