Watchdog criticizes international community’s silence on Taliban policies

Women’s protest in Kabul. File photo.

An Amnesty International researcher criticized the international community on Thursday for its silence regarding the discriminatory restrictions imposed by the Taliban against women in Afghanistan.

Zaman Sultani emphasized the need for practical steps to be taken in order to remove these restrictions.

“The situation is extremely concerning in every aspect. Since the Taliban takeover, we have witnessed a rise in restrictions on the rights of women in Afghanistan,” Sultani said.

Parwana Ibrahimkhil Nijrabi, a member of the women’s protesting movement, posed a question to the Taliban, saying: “I want to ask them: Which rights have they granted to women in Afghanistan based on Islamic Sharia? Is removing women from society and obstructing their progress their idea of rights?”

Meanwhile, a group of women activists asserted that the international community, particularly the United States, cannot change Taliban policies merely through statements.

“We are well aware that the US and imperialist countries share responsibility for the suffering of the people of Afghanistan, and some are attempting to deceive the people,” Mawluda Tawana, a member of the women’s protest movement, stated.

The UN special rapporteur also recently highlighted the concerning state of women’s rights in Afghanistan under Taliban rule. Women have been deprived of opportunities to work in non-governmental agencies and attend universities since last December. Additionally, secondary schools for girls have been closed for nearly two years.