Taliban publicly executes convicted murderer in Laghman province

Taliban flogging some men and women in Parwan in December 2022. File photo.

The Taliban publicly executed a man on Tuesday in Laghman province after he was found guilty of murdering five people.

In a statement released on Tuesday, the Taliban said the convicted man, who was executed by shooting, had been found guilty of having killed five members of one family in two separate attacks.

According to the statement, the man broke into the house of Juma Khan, a resident of the Qarghayi district of Laghman province late one night, and killed his three sons – Eshaq, Hakimullah, and Haqyar – as well as his daughter Laiqa.

“In the second attack [he] killed Sayeed Wali, known as Shina, another son of Juma Khan, with a gun,” the statement said.

The statement added that the man was convicted of the murder of five people after an investigation by three courts.

The statement said the man was executed in the yard of a mosque in the provincial capital of Mehtarlam. This was done in the presence of a number of Taliban members and members of the public early Tuesday morning.

This is the second confirmed execution since the Taliban swept into power in August 2021.

Last December, the Taliban publicly executed a man charged with murder in the western province of Farah where key figures of the group, including the deputy leader Abdul Ghani Baradar, witnessed the execution.