Badakhshan woman opens learning center for girls

A woman has established a learning center to provide educational opportunities to dozens of girls in northeastern Badakhshan province of Afghanistan.

This effort aims to enhance the educational capacity for girls in the region, offering them a chance to continue their studies.

Following the closure of schools for students above the sixth grade, the number of underground schools has increased across the country.

Recognizing the importance of education, many girls have turned to these centers as an alternative to continue their education.

“I have decided to provide girls with education opportunities. The aim for establishing this center is to provide deprived girls with education to continue their studies through this course,” said Tahseen, the manager of the center who did not provide her last name as well as covered her face with a mask during a discussion with Amu TV.

Meanwhile, many students travel long distances to reach this educational center. These students are grateful for the availability of this center.

They emphasize that no one should impede girls’ education in any way and advocate for equal opportunities for all.

They stressed that no one can completely prevent girls from getting an education.

“I walk around 15 minutes from home to reach the center. I attend the course with my school uniform every day. I feel like I am at school every day. I am happy for the establishment of this course. And I call on the Taliban’s government to reopen doors of schools for us,” said Farhand, a student.

Meanwhile, a number of students are appealing to the Taliban to reopen secondary schools and high schools for girls.

It has been more than 600 days since schools above the sixth grade have been closed for tens of thousands of female students across the country.