Activist arrested last month freed from Taliban custody

Civil society activist Mujib Zia, who was arrested by the Taliban 20 days ago, has been released from Taliban custody, sources told Amu TV.

A source, who wished to remain anonymous, told Amu TV that Zia has raised concerns that he might get arrested again by the Taliban.

Meanwhile, education activist and Rah-e-Qalam (Pen Path) founder Matiullah Wesa, who was detained by the Taliban over two months ago, remains in custody. He still has no legal representation and there has been no updates on his well-being.

The Taliban have accused Wesa of engaging in “unauthorized activities” but have not provided any specific details about his arrest.

According to Pen Path organization members and Wesa’s family, the Taliban has denied the activist access to a lawyer and have not allowed his family members to visit him.

Matiullah Wesa has been advocating for education, particularly in ensuring access for Afghan children, both for boys and girls.

Meanwhile, Rasul Parsi, a former professor at Herat University, has also been in Taliban custody for almost three months without any information regarding the reasons behind his arrest.

His relatives said that Parsi was detained for his writings on Facebook.