Zelenskiy asks Munich Security Conference to ‘hurry up’ in delivering arms to Ukraine

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskiy in his address to Munich Security Conference on Friday stressed the urgent need for the supply of arms to Ukraine and said a delay in this regard would be a mistake.

He said it vital there is no delay in delivering weapons to help Ukraine fight Russia, adding that while the West is negotiating tanks supplies, the Kremlin is thinking of ways to “strangle” Moldova.

“We need to hurry up. We need the speed, speed of our agreements, speed of our delivery to strengthen our sling, and speed of decisions to limit Russian potential. There is no alternative to speed because it is the speed that life depends on. Delay always has been and still is a mistake,” Zelenskiy said.

The 59th Munich Security Conference, an annual meeting of experts, heads of states and high-ranking politicians opened with a speech by Zelenskiy admitting the ongoing Russian war in Ukraine which is soon nearing its first anniversary.

The conference will end on Sunday, February 19.