Afghanistan: One dead in Laghman traffic accident

At least one person died and 14 were injured in a traffic accident in the eastern province of Laghman on Sunday afternoon, the Taliban’s provincial police command said in a statement.

The incident happened in the Tangi Mashal area in Laghman province when a Taliban military vehicle, a Ranger, hit a Mercedes Benz minibus that was carrying at least 20 passengers, the statement said.

The wounded were taken to Nangarhar’s provincial hospital, which is the closest hospital to the area.

In a photo taken at the scene, one can see the minibus went off the road and tumbled into a ravine.

Women and children were also among the victims.

Taliban has not provided further details about the incident.

Traffic accidents have always been a concern on key highways in the country, including the Kabul-Jalalabad highway.

The carelessness of drivers and narrow double-lane roads are the reason for the high accident tolls in the country.