Taliban official arrested on corruption charges in Kandahar

The head of the Taliban’s national environment protection agency’s office in Kandahar, Noorullah Adil, was arrested two days ago for allegedly accepting bribes, two sources from the Taliban said on Wednesday.

A Taliban official who did not want to be named said that Adil was arrested by members of the intelligence department and is being held in custody.

The source said that Adil is a close aide to the Taliban governor in Kandahar, Mohammad Yusuf Wafa, who tried to release him but failed.

Reports say that the head of the environment protection agency is also accused of moral corruption but another source said the allegations are false.

The source said that the official has been arrested on charges of financial corruption, has been removed from his post and is in prison.

A decision will be made on his fate after he appears in a Sharia court, said the source.

“It is not true that he has been accused of moral corruption. He is accused of financial corruption, therefore, he has been removed from his job,” said the source.

The two Taliban sources were able to confirm how much money was involved in the bribe.

The Taliban governor in Kandahar and the head of the information and culture office did not respond to calls by Amu’s reporter.