College graduates in Bamiyan concerned about their future

New graduates from Bamiyan University said they feel uncertain about their future as there is an increasing level of unemployment in the country which leaves them with no clear vision about their way forward.

At least 1255 students, 700 females, have graduated from Bamiyan University this year. Wednesday’s ceremony was for male students while female students are expected to celebrate their graduation in a separate ceremony next week.

“We should be provided jobs so that we would not have to turn to manual labor,” said Shafiullah, a college graduate.

“I am happy to be graduated under the current circumstances where there is no hope,” said Jamila, a new graduate.

“The country is faced with unemployment. There is a lack of jobs. We see many students who have graduated in previous years but are doing labor or are unemployed,” said Rahmat, a new college graduate.

Habibullah Habibi, another graduate from Bamiyan University, said the education quality was poor at the university as a number of lecturers have left the country following the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan.

He said the university lacked the required facilities and that inexperienced lecturers were hired, which negatively impacted the quality of lectures.

“Our country faced political and economic challenges. All have had a negative impact on our morale of us as students. We were rushing to end our terms,” said Habibi.

But the Taliban’s head of Bamiyan University, Hazrat Mohammad Burhani, said efforts are underway to provide a water supply facility and a green space for the university.

“We will address the two issues by the next year hopefully,” he added.

Bamiyan University is one of Afghanistan’s key academic institutions that is home to around 7,000 students. Hundreds of students are graduated from the university every year.