OIC opens its office in Kabul

OIC envoy in a meeting with Taliban foreign minister in Kabul on Sunday, Nov. 13.

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation, or the OIC, officially opened its office in Kabul at an event on Sunday in the presence of the Taliban foreign minister and envoys from Turkey, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Pakistan, EU and the UN, according to a Taliban statement.

A meeting between the OIC deputy and the Taliban foreign minister also took place on Sunday where the two sides discussed the establishment of an international Islamic university in Afghanistan by the OIC and restarting the process of selecting Kabul as the cultural capital of Islamic countries for 2024.

“A fully activated OIC mission in Kabul is aimed at assuming an effective role in the delivery of humanitarian and development aid of the OIC,” the OIC envoy for Afghanistan, Tariq Ali Bakheet, said.

“With God’s mercy, the OIC has inaugurated its office in Kabul,” said Muhammad Saeed Al-Ayash, the Director General of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) office in Afghanistan.

Analysts said that the reopening of the OIC in Kabul could be seen as a positive step given that it opens the way for more influence on the Taliban to consider the demands of the world.

“I hope the Taliban will accept the requests of the world, especially the Muslim world, so that Afghanistan has good ties with Muslim countries and other nations,” said Qadir Qanit, head of the ulema council for Kabul.