Coal prices hit record high in Baghlan

Coal prices have hit a new record high amidst a significant increase in Afghan coal exports in Pakistan, leaving people concerned as winter gets closer.

The price for one ton of coal was 1,500 Afs to 2,000 Afs until last August while it has increased to at least 7,000 Afs, according to local investors who say tariffs have also mounted on the coal.

Mohammad Bakhtiar, a coal seller in Pul-e-Khumri city in Baghlan, said the tariffs on coal have increased from 1,500 Afs to 3,000 Afs over the past year.

He said that the increase in fuel prices and a reduction in afghani’s value against the dollar have also impacted the coal prices in local markets.

Ghulam Sakhi, a coal seller in Baghlan, said there is also a significant decrease in the number of their customers due to the fall of the country’s economy over the past year.

The Taliban has doubled the export of Afghan coal to Pakistan over the past four months and has been selling the coal to the neighboring country lower than the prices in local markets.

Baghlan residents said the prices have gone up countrywide and that people will not be able to buy the coal they need for the upcoming winter.

“The increase in coal prices have made is really concerned and if it prevails, we will have a challenging winter ahead,” said Mir Agha, a Baghlan resident.

He askes the Taliban to have control over coal prices in the local markets.