Salafi cleric killed in gunmen attack in Kapisa

Mawlawi Nasrullah, who was killed in a gunmen attack in Kapisa on Tuesday.

A cleric religious scholar was killed in an attack by unknown gunmen near his home in Kapisa province in central Afghanistan on Tuesday afternoon, his relatives confirmed on Wednesday.

The incident happened in the Panjara area in Mahmood Raqi city, the center of Kapisa.

Malawi Nasrullah was a teacher at Abul Hanifa religious center in the province.

His relatives said that Nasrullah was shot dead in front of his son.

He was a follower of Salafism and was a critic of the Taliban during his sermons.

A religious scholar said on condition of anonymity that the Taliban has a list of religious scholars under target for them so that they are killed.

“Any religious scholar who tells the truth and does not add or reduce something to the religion, they are branded as Salafi or Wahabi and are killed by them (Taliban”. This list includes the religious scholars who are not cooperating with the Taliban,” the cleric told Amu.

Taliban did not comment on the incident and the allegation.

This comes as according to Amu findings, more than 100 Salafi clerics have been killed in Afghanistan over the past year under Taliban rule and none of these cases have been investigated so far.

The United Nations in a report in July said that at least 50 Salafi clerics were killed in Afghanistan in 10 months under Taliban rule.

The Taliban has rejected the findings of the UN report.