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Electric scooter business in Tunisia hopes to aid in climate goals

Screenshot from Reuters video.

Tunisian start-up Kaco Motors manufactured an electric scooter, scheduled to hit the market within six months and hopes to aid in climate goals.

“We, as a startup, found solutions to things that they told us were impossible to find solutions for,” co-founder of Tunisia’s Kaco Motors, Mouhamed Ali Salmi, said, as quoted by Reuters.

Salmi added they had to create a battery that is mobile and can be charged using a 220V socket.

The founders of the start-up business said their aim is to reduce carbon emissions and provide citizens with affordable means of transport. The electric scooter can have up to 45km speed per hour.

“The characteristics (of the scooter) are that the battery can withstand up to 100 km, it can charge in 4 hours, you can take it out and put it back, and the cost of 100 km is within 900 millime Tunisian dinars (0.28 dollars),” Salmi said as quoted by Reuters.

“Tunisian citizens need this product and also need small electric cars to make life easier for them and this reduces their expenses and the state’s expenses,” Salmi added.

According to Reuters report, Tunisia signed the Paris Agreement to address climate change and the government has committed to increasing the amount of electricity it gets from renewable energy to 30 percent by 2030, up from 3 percent in 2019.