Journalist arrested in Faryab released after two hours

Afghan journalist Alawoddin Erkin. Source: Erkin’s Facebook account.

Alawodin Erkin, a journalist for Salam Watandar Radio in the northern province of Faryab, was arrested by the Taliban on Monday morning.

He was arrested by Taliban intelligence members in an area near Sanaee Street in the city of Maimana, according to local reporters.

The motive behind his arrest is not clear so far. Local journalists and media-related organizations are not commenting on the matter.

Local reporters said Erkin was released two hours after his arrest following mediation by senior journalists and the head of the information and culture directorate in the province.

Alawodin Erkin has worked with Salam Watandar Radio for three years.

This comes nearly two months after Abdul Hanan Mohammadi, a journalist in Kapisa, was arrested by the Taliban and is still in their custody.

A UN report last week indicates that in the last 10 months under Taliban rule, human rights violations affected 173 journalists and media workers, 163 of which were attributed to the Taliban.

The report says that the cases include 122 instances of arbitrary arrest and detention, 58 instances of ill-treatment, 33 instances of threats and intimidation and 12 instances of incommunicado detention.

According to the UN, at least six journalists were killed during from August 15, 2021, to June 15, 2022.

Faryab Alawodin Erkin (left) with Qutbuddin Kohi, a journalist and head of journalists association in Frayab (right) after his release from Taliban custody on July 25, 2022. Photo: Handout.