South Asia

Militant attack kills five Indian soldiers in Kashmir region

A militant attack on an Indian Army convoy in the Himalayan territory of Jammu and Kashmir killed at least five soldiers, Indian defense authorities said on Tuesday.

The attack, which occurred on Monday, is the latest in a series of strikes that have unsettled the region.

The injured soldiers were rushed to a nearby community hospital, where a crowd gathered outside amid a heavy security presence.

Militant violence has plagued the Kashmir Valley and nearby areas since the start of an insurgency in 1989 that has claimed tens of thousands of lives. Although the conflict has waned in recent years, sporadic attacks continue to disrupt the fragile peace.

India and Pakistan both claim the Himalayan region of Kashmir but control different parts of it. India’s territory comprises the Hindu-majority Jammu region and the Muslim-majority Kashmir Valley. In June, militant attacks in the Jammu area killed 12 people and injured dozens.